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About Us

For over 80 years, SCARPA has manufactured and sold the finest outdoor footwear available. Headquartered in Northern Italy in the foothills of the Dolomites, SCARPA is a family owned business that is staffed by passionate outdoors people dedicated to bringing performance footwear to the market. Whether you are into climbing, skiing, trail running, mountaineering, backpacking or hiking, SCARPA has the right footwear to suit your needs. 

SCARPA Academy Online Training is a tool for Industry Employees. This tool will allow you to become certified as an expert by boosting your expertise and sharing your knowledgable recommendations with others. Along with being certified you will be eligible to apply for personal SCARPA discounts



1. Go to to create a new customer account and confirm your email address. 

2. Log into your account and submit your information under the Pro Application in the bottom footer. 

3. If you are currently a dealer employee, you will be approved within 1-3 business-days!

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