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  • What Module Should I Take?
    You are encouraged to take as many modules as possible, so you are more knowledgeable about SCARPA products. Take modules that are relevant to the items that your store carries.
  • How Do I Make Sure I Get Verified?
    Your store has chosen one manager to list on the form, ask your manager which person should be listed on the form, or look at the flyer if the store has it up, SCARPA will be notified of this information. To ensure you are verified please use the information provided to you by your manager.
  • How Long Will It Take To Be Verified?
    SCARPA will do verifications every Friday. The time frame to be verified is 1-3 business days.
  • If I take more than one module can I get more than one code?
    No. Unfortunately you can only receive one code per person. You are encouraged to take as many modules as you can to become more knowledgeable about SCARPA products but you only need to submit your information one time.
  • How do I earn my one time discount?
    To earn your one-time discount, please select a module that is relevant to the products you sell in your store. Once you score 75% or better you will fill out a form that submits your information to SCARPA for verification.
  • What can I use my discount on?
    When you are verified as a Dealer Employee through SCARPA, you will receive a unique coupon code that is good for 60% off. You can purchase one item per category. Example of What You Can Purchase: 1 Alpine Touring Boot, 1 Climbing Shoe, 1 Trail Running Shoe Example of What You Cannot Purchase: 2 Items in the same category, or duplicate items or items of different sizing.
  • When Does My Discount Expire?
    All Dealer Clinic coupons for S24 Clinics will expire 07/31/2024.
  • Why is my order going to ship to the store?
    Because you are verified and receiving a deep discount on SCARPA products, to reduce abuse of the program all orders must be shipped to the store location. Please enter this information during checkout.
  • Am I automatically added to SCARPA's EP Program?
    No. By taking the module you are verified for a one-time Clinic special. If you would like to apply for regular EP discounts navigate to the Apply page and follow the instructions.
  • How can I receive future discounts from SCARPA?
    Apply for the SCARPA EP Program either through the Apply tab on the this site (on the top banner), on or by clicking the apply button in emails you receive about the once time clinic offer.
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